Q) Should I go through and clean out “stuff” before your team arrives?

– Don’t throw it away! Resist the urge to clean up and throw things away. This is a common occurrence that can cost you money. Many people throw things away that are saleable or even valuable. It’s okay to throw away perishable food, newspapers and medication. Relax and let us take care of this tedious process for you. Many people inadvertently throw away what they consider to be “useless junk” not knowing that it could be worth thousands of dollars in various markets (i.e. antiques and collectables). We can share some great stories with you about our unexpected and amazing finds.


Q) How long does it take to conduct a sale?

– Sorting and setting up can usually be done in two weeks or less, depending upon the size of the estate. The actual sale takes two to four days; however, we are willing to work under any circumstances and will do all we can to work within your time limits.


Q) Do I need to be present before and during the sale?

– We have found that it can sometimes be unsettling to see your family’s things being sold and most likely you will be uncomfortable there. Also, buyers tend to be intimidated by your presence. Your absence allows our staff to come in and do their work more quickly and professionally.


Q) How much will your service cost me?

– We operate on a competitive percentage based commission. We are doubly motivated to get you the most money possible for your possessions. Our commission costs include staffing, advertising, appraising,  setup (clean, organize, tag, and display items), breakdown, cleanup and “broom sweeping”  – bear in mind that ours is a professional estate liquidation firm, not a housekeeping service. We can arrange for charity pickups after the sale.


Q) Why should I have an estate sale?

– Liquidating things can be complicated, very detailed, and stressful. Most often our clients are dealing with the death of a loved one, downsizing, moving, merging households, or closing their business. Our service makes this emotional event much easier for you. If our services don’t meet your needs, we do our best to refer you to other sources for liquidating.


Q) How are items priced?

Our expertise and knowledge allow us to price each item for today’s market and our area. We also provide you with additional research on unique, highly collectable, antique, or rare items. Since our sale time is limited, all items are priced to sell within the given time period of your sale. Items are not typically discounted on the first day of your sale. Our contract with you will include, if needed, terms in which you can specify how aggressive the pricing and discounts will be.