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We make an appointment to meet with you and see the estate.


You let us know what is to be included in the estate sale and the best possible date for your sale.


It usually takes about 2 weeks to prepare and stage a sale.


We provide tables, shelves, showcases, extra lights, and a friendly staff to assist the customers


We organize & price your items so that they can be displayed nicely.


A sale could be anywhere form two to four days, depending on the size of the sale. Most sales are 3 days.


When the sale is ready to go, we advertise in the local paper, place an ad on Craig's List, send flyers to local antique dealers, E-mails to our eager following (3000+), and we use signs that are placed around the neighborhood to bring in the local traffic.


Sale day: We make an itemized list of items sold


If there are items left after the sale we will do 1 of 3 things;

1) Pack up our stuff and leave what is leftover for you to take care of.

2) All of #1 plus, take care of all the donations and give you a donation receipt.

3) Box everything up, take care of the donations and do a complete cleanup including hauling everything away that did not sell or could not be donated (additional charges of, up to $500+ will apply).  This includes all the trash we generate from the cleanup.

How it Works